Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2 (aka Impossible Quiz 4) – NEW

Impossible Quiz 4Plotrun

In Chapter 1, Chris (A cat) is abducted by the Phlovomites (Alien Specie) while holding the quiz book and this is also shown at the beginning of Chapter 2. After Chris is abducted he is thrown into a prison cell and he has to answer the questions to go free. The plot just serves to make the game more interesting but the most focus should be paid to the quiz.

This chapter also contains 50 questions but this time the theme is motivated by video games. (You need to have a piece of basic knowledge of video games especially the old ones like PAC-man and Pokemon


You start the game with 5 lives and you have to make it to the end of the game with only these lives, this makes the Impossible Quiz a tough one. If all your lives are lost, you will have to start over. This means that you can only get 5 questions wrong of all the 50 questions.

A bomb will also go off if you fail to answer a question within the time given and this will automatically lead to a failure and loss of life.

The game starts with simple questions but as you progress they become harder. You will have to think twice before clicking any answer as there are many trick questions and the answers are not always as easy.

BTW just in case puzzle games aren’t your thing you can always play simple and easy games.

You will also have to play some games to progress. If you die, one life is lost and you can only progress after finishing each game.


Simply use your mouse to control the cursor and click on the answers. Use the directional keys for the mini-games and watch for your life and the ticking bomb.

Have fun and remember this game does not test your IQ so don’t do it like a test.

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