Full Happy Wheels? Here what you need to know

Full Happy WheelsJust giving you a quick update about Happy Wheels full version. Generally speaking, this full version includes all characters, all-new maps, and all bug fixes. Keep In mind that Jim Bonacci also added some new features to map builder, he fixed all problems (including lag, loading bugs, and basic errors), he added new objects and he also came up with the new idea that allows you to write scenarios for your map.

If you are planning to play this game from school you will most likely need to find an unblocked version, it allows you to play from all locations and have fun.

Another interesting game mode is the hacked game; the main difference from other modes is immortality. But, be careful, immortality doesn’t prevent your character from falling in pits and stuck in traps. If you will encounter any problems listed before, you’ll have the only chance – to start everything from the beginning.

As always thank you for your time, play Happy Wheels online, you can also record video and upload them on YouTube it will bring you popularity, trust me.

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