Why you should play Field General

When it comes to gamers, Flash games hold their place in everyone’s heart. The graphics used on this platform are vastly different from any other game. Return Man – Field General is one such game. To start with, it falls in the sports category. Gamers get the chance to take control of an NFL franchise in the game. The makers of the game have a few things right. To start with, they provide choices when it comes to franchises. Each franchise is high in some departments and weak in others.

This makes it a very realistic game. The next positive feature is its graphics. The football field is replicated to the exact “T” in the actual game. Return Man – Field General also has a very simple game-play. All you have to do is take control of the ball through passes and rushes and score a goal. The direction of the players can be controlled by the keyboard. The [I] [K] [J] [L] buttons are used to control the direction and the space bar is used to launch the ball.


Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl

Return Man 2 – Mud BowlControls:
Forward – I
Back – K
Left – J
Right – L
Special Moves:
Spin – A
Speed boost – S
Front Flip – D
Continue – Space Bar
Mute – M

In Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl you play as a football star trying to score against the opposing team using Special Moves you get whilst playing through the game!

The game:
The idea of the game is to run from one of the fields to the other whilst dodging the enemy team and scoring points without losing any possessions, careful though and try not to get tackled or else you’ll have to try again! Something you’ll need to bear in mind whilst playing Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl is that whilst you unlock your special moves, you can only use them (each) once per turn.

This is a sequel to another popular title, in which there are 15 new levels to go through, and each time you beat one level it will save your previous progress so you can start right back from where you left off!

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Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2 (aka Impossible Quiz 4) – NEW

Impossible Quiz 4Plotrun

In Chapter 1, Chris (A cat) is abducted by the Phlovomites (Alien Specie) while holding the quiz book and this is also shown at the beginning of Chapter 2. After Chris is abducted he is thrown into a prison cell and he has to answer the questions to go free. The plot just serves to make the game more interesting but the most focus should be paid to the quiz.

This chapter also contains 50 questions but this time the theme is motivated by video games. (You need to have a piece of basic knowledge of video games especially the old ones like PAC-man and Pokemon


You start the game with 5 lives and you have to make it to the end of the game with only these lives, this makes the Impossible Quiz a tough one. If all your lives are lost, you will have to start over. This means that you can only get 5 questions wrong of all the 50 questions.

A bomb will also go off if you fail to answer a question within the time given and this will automatically lead to a failure and loss of life.

The game starts with simple questions but as you progress they become harder. You will have to think twice before clicking any answer as there are many trick questions and the answers are not always as easy.

BTW just in case puzzle games aren’t your thing you can always play simple and easy games.

You will also have to play some games to progress. If you die, one life is lost and you can only progress after finishing each game.


Simply use your mouse to control the cursor and click on the answers. Use the directional keys for the mini-games and watch for your life and the ticking bomb.

Have fun and remember this game does not test your IQ so don’t do it like a test.


Full Happy Wheels? Here what you need to know

Full Happy WheelsJust giving you a quick update about Happy Wheels full version. Generally speaking, this full version includes all characters, all-new maps, and all bug fixes. Keep In mind that Jim Bonacci also added some new features to map builder, he fixed all problems (including lag, loading bugs, and basic errors), he added new objects and he also came up with the new idea that allows you to write scenarios for your map.

If you are planning to play this game from school you will most likely need to find an unblocked version, it allows you to play from all locations and have fun.

Another interesting game mode is the hacked game; the main difference from other modes is immortality. But, be careful, immortality doesn’t prevent your character from falling in pits and stuck in traps. If you will encounter any problems listed before, you’ll have the only chance – to start everything from the beginning.

As always thank you for your time, play Happy Wheels online, you can also record video and upload them on YouTube it will bring you popularity, trust me.


All version of Return Man 2 online

Hello, there dear football lovers, today we have some special game for you which will give you an amazing experience and entertainment as well, name of the game is Return Man 2, this is the second version of the game with some improvement and changes, we will explain each small detail carefully below so make sure that you read the whole article.

This game was realized in 2012 by ESPN and since that this game has tons of fans all around the world, it is extremely popular among children and grown-ups as well, people just love this game and they have good reason to do so.

Return Man 2 how to play
Controls of the game can be seen here below on the screenshot, it explains how you can move in the game as well as how you can activate your special moves.

So about those changes, well there are a couple of new special moves in the game which you need to unlock (three in total, name of those special moves can be seen here: spin, speed burst, and front flip), these special moves are very important especially when you are playing in higher levels of the game and you have to deal with a lot of opponents.

Graphics seem to be changed a little bit, but I’m not really sure about that, to be honest. However, the sound in the game is pretty cool; I mean it leaves the experience as if you are on the football field yourself.

From the very beginning don’t forget to touch the yellow circle on the field (in other words pick up the ball) before you will rush to the opposite side of the football field, I made this mistake couple of times when I was a noob and I couldn’t understand why I was losing game over and over again, it was pretty hilarious.

There are different strategies in the game that you can follow up, but everything is much like in real football, no matter what, you must dodge the enemy’s attack and stay behind your teammates, they will help you to score a touchdown.

The game is quite simple with awesome gameplay, those who like football games should definitely try Return Man 2.

P.S. I want to tell you about different modifications of this game as well, there are two in total: Return Man 2:Mud Bowl and Return Man 2: Zombies, both games are just great and fun to play if you want to give them a try you can play them right here at ReturnMan2.Net.