Linebacker 2 – Play Online

Default key controls are following:
[I] – Run forward, up in the field.
[J] – Run left.
[K] – Run down the field.
[L] – Run right.
(You can use arrow buttons on the keyboard if you want)
[Space bar] – Dive tackle.
[A], [S], [D] – Special abilities.
(All default buttons can be changed from setting button)

Linebacker 2If you are true fan of American football you just can’t avoid playing following flash game – Linebacker 2. It is one of the best in its category and it was fully developed by ESPN Arcade, now you understand how interesting it really is.

Game presents pretty decent graphics, outstanding sounds which make game more realistic and of course amazing gameplay. You also have option to upgrade your team in Linebacker 2, you can unlock new defenders, you can unlock new special moves as the game progresses and these new features allow you to defeat stronger opponents in the game. You can also pick-up different power-ups in the game, this will give you several benefits which might be crucial in some moments so make sure that you don’t miss them.

People in the most cases leave positive feedback on this game and they all agree that it is one of the best sport games out there. There are fifteen staged in the game, if you get stuck on one of them check YouTube, you may find there walkthroughs.

I won’t bother you any further fellas, enjoy the game, and don’t forget to leave your feedback below, in comments. Cheers!

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