Classic Card Game – Klondike Solitaire Online

Solitaire is a very popular game whose different variations throughout the years have sprung up all over the world. Klondike is probably the most popular version and it is the one people learn from parents, grandparents and it is included in the small group of games that actually come when Windows purchased. Despite being that simple, Klondike Solitaire is the one of the “evergreen” games and it remains being entertaining.

The newest and the hottest
The last update is pretty much playable but it does not impress us, the players, much. The rates on the internet are pretty low, two-three stars are pretty much the biggest given rates. The game’s interface is simple but yet very attractive with the cards being displayed on a nicely patterned background. Unlike the other versions of the solitaire, Klondike does not allow customization of the game’s appearance, they obviously tried too many “one fits all” pieces of clothing and unfortunately liked it. It is disappointing when you can not switch from the boring deck of cards to something more interesting and also not changing the background color.

Graphics are good
As a matter of fact, graphics are actually decent and really the game itself is playable, but the problem here is that the program is lacking many features that make common part of the package to even the ground versions of solitaire. The fact there are no draw-one options, only draw-three makes everyone sad. There is available only one way of scoring, poor users can not double-click on their cards to send them to the foundation piles, imagine this: you got to, each card, drag and drop manually. This version of Klondike Solitaire isn’t bad in a pinch just that even the version that comes with Windows has more features. In fact. the only thing that is the least customisable is that cool jazz track that can be turned on and off. Klondike Solitaire does not have the Help file but it includes the short instructions for playing solitaire. The game is free but it also contains advertisements for some other games.

Klondike Solitaire

The brighter side is that this program installs and uninstalls without any problems.
When all upsides and downsides considered this version is not really bad. The ones who are starting to play solitaire should give a shot to this version because it is very basic and it teaches and gives you good foundations for more challenging versions.


All version of Return Man 2 online

Hello there dear football lovers, today we have some special game for you which will give you amazing experience and entertainment as well, name of the game is Return Man 2, this is second version of the game with some improvement and changes, we will explain each small detail carefully below so make sure that you read whole article.

This game was realized in 2012 by ESPN and since that this game has tons of fans all around the world, it is extremely popular among children and grown-ups as well, people just love this game and they have good reason to do so.

Return Man 2 how to play
Controls of the game can be seen here below on the screenshot, it explains how you can move in the game as well as how you can activate your special moves.

So about those changes, well there are couple of new special moves in the game which you need to unlock (three in total, name of those special moves can be seen here: spin, speedburst and front flip), these special moves are very important especially when you are playing in higher levels of the game and you have to deal with lot of opponents.

Graphics seem to be changed a little bit, but I’m not really sure about that to be honest. However, sound in the game is pretty cool; I mean it leaves experience as if you are on the football field yourself.

From the very beginning don’t forget to touch yellow circle on the field (in other words pick up the ball) before you will rush to the opposite side of football field, I made this mistake couple of times when I was noob and I couldn’t understand why I was losing game over and over again, it was pretty hilarious.

There are different strategies in the game that you can follow up, but everything is much like in real football, no matter what, you must dodge enemy’s attack and stay behind your teammates, they will help you to score touchdown.

Game is quite simple with awesome gameplay, those who like football games should definitely try Return Man 2.

P.S. I want to tell you about different modifications of this game as well, there are two in total: Return Man 2:Mud Bowl and Return Man 2: Zombies, both games are just great and fun to play if you want to give them a try you can play them right here at ReturnMan2.Net.


Return Man 9 AKA The Season

Return Man 9The Return Man 9 is a simple yet fun online sport game. This is a football game in which you play the receiver and you catch the ball and you have to maneuver through the players on the other team to gain a touchdown. This game overall is very fun, and it’s again, very simple to understand. I could play this game for hours. With 15 different stages to unlock, it contains fun for hours.

The instructions are very easy to understand. You first begin at a screen where you have three people there to defend you and you are placed in the middle of the receiver. A small circle appears on screen soon after and it begins to fill in indicating the time remaining until you have to catch the ball or you will have to recover it from the ground. If you reach the circle in time, you will catch the ball and the game begins. Moving using only the arrow keys makes it easy to move around. Once you catch the ball, start running forward to reach the touchdown line. While you are trying to get there, your defenders will try to protect you and most of the time they will be successful, but sometimes, players may get pass them and you will have to use your skills to get past them and get the touchdown. If you get tackled before you reach the touchdown, then you will have to start over and you will lose one of your possessions. If you don’t successfully catch the ball at the beginning, then the ball will tumble around and you will have to go retrieve it, which will take more time, and lower your chances of getting a touchdown. With an ever game, each stage will be harder, and making a touchdown will get way more difficult each time. If you never make a touchdown, you will lose all your possessions and will lose the game. Now there two options at this point, watch an ad and gain another possession, or start over from the beginning. So if you got really far and don’t want to lose you progress, it’s wise to watch that ad and bear through it.
Overall, this game is very fun, and it has a unique style that makes me want to spend a lot of time playing this game. So go ahead and try it, you won’t regret it.

P.S. Keep in mind official name of the game is Return Man 3: The Season, but all gamers around the world know it more as Return Man 9 (probably because it is latest release).